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Disk Mobile Japan 

Digital Cables
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DISK MOBILE- Trusted Cell Phone Service in Japan . We are a company that provides advice and consultancy in the foreign market for Japanese companies in the sales sector and sales strategies. We act as partners of comapnies that are entering the domestic the and international market.

Here at Disk Mobile, we offer a huge catalog of the latest products,all covered by comprehensive warranties and our guaranteed customer satisfaction. We offer services related Pocket Wi-Fi, Internet,Mobiles , Pre-paid Plans, SIM cards Free devices etc We'd love to meet you. We provide assistance to the foreigners living in japan and our staffs are bilinguals . 


100%  approval for Foreigners

No credit Card Needed

Does  not required a permanent resident visa status

SIM card compatible sith SIM-free devices 

Bills payable in any convenience stores 

Call Center - Tokyo 


Brazilian Portuguese/Spanish/English speakers.

Tuesday~Saturday10am - 6pm


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